Abigail Walker

"I've never hurt an innocent person in my life."

- Abigail Walker
Abigail Walker
Abigail Walker.png
Gender Female
Status Alive
Voice Actor Laura Bailey
Appearances inFamous: Second Son
Abigail Walker is a character that appears in inFamous: Second Son. She is a conduit with the power Neon who has her power absorbed by Delsin Rowe. She is colloquially known to her friends as "Fetch"

After her right with Delsin, she is almost detained by DUP, however Delsin quickly intervenes and stops her from being taken.

[edit] Trivia

  • Due to the technology used to make inFamous: Second Son' the voice actor, Laura Bailey, also provided the motion capture.
    • Incidentally, Bailey is married to the voice actor behind Reggie Rowe, Travis Willingham.
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