In the first inFamous game, a conduit is a person who either has the potential to gain superhuman abilities, or who has them from birth. All the supernatural happenings in the game are caused by Conduits. As supernatural happenings are obviously not natural occurrences, it seems that the only way to create these superhuman abilities is in the presence of the Ray Sphere. It is unknown whether there are any other ways to activate, or awaken, a conduit's powers. Cole is the most powerful Conduit, because he was nearest the Ray Sphere when it activated, giving him powerful electrical powers. Other Conduits, also affected by the Blast, become the most powerful enemy types of the three different factions.


[edit] Reaper Conduits

A Shock Conduit, charging a shockwave

Reaper Conduits, or Shock Conduits, are tall, and wearing a grey/white hoodie. They can teleport, and charge and release a directional shockwave. They are the weakest Conduits, albeit still stronger than the average Reaper. They are usually found in a few, set spawn points around the Neon District, and they do appear in some Story Missions and Side Missions, most notably the evil side missions. It is also shown in one of the side missions that they can disguise themselves into pedestrians, and reveal themselves to be the only Reapers, and indeed non-leader enemies in general, to be able to talk. The best strategy for defeating them is to hang above them, so they can't use their shockwave, but they still carry a weapon, so using Polarity Shield would be useful in defeating them.

Sasha, the leader of the Reapers, is a powerful Conduit. She is able to control others minds, create hallucinations, teleport, and shoot energy. Those people who have been in contact with the Black Tar are more susceptible to her mind control.

[edit] Dust Men Conduits

The Dust Men also have conduits, but unlike the Reapers, they have two different types of Conduit. They centre around telekinetic powers, using these powers to manipulate the trash into weapons.

An armoured Conduit

Armoured Conduits are considerably taller than the average human, and are encased in armour made of scrap metal. They are armed with an RPG, and have the ability to spawn groups of three Scrap Crabs at a time. They are also encountered in set spawn points, but across The Warren, and rarely. They are usually found in Side Missions and Story Missions.

Two Golem Conduits

Golem Conduits are one of the more powerful Conduits. Giant heaps of metal, animated by orange energy, with a Dust Man inside. These Conduits are incredibly powerful, requiring several of Cole's best powers to take down. They attack through melee, and also by shooting a stream of pellets, or catapulting explosive trash bundles. Often, the Dust Man inside will be ejected.

Alden Tate is also a telekinetic Conduit. He was born with his powers, but these were greatly enhanced by the Ray Sphere. He is immensely powerful, able to throw buses onto buildings, and he constructed a giant Golem, capable of hurling cars and destroying part of a bridge.

[edit] First Sons Conduits

The First Sons also have two different types of conduit. These do not use any particular type of power, but as the First Sons organisation focuses on superhuman abilities, they may have found a way to enhance, or even give, these abilities. The Ray Sphere would have increased this, making the First Sons Conduits the most powerful.

An Aura Conduit

Aura Conduits are capable of projecting an aura around themselves. This gives them incredible strength. Their only defence is the fact that the Aura takes no damage, so Cole has to aim at the suspended body of the Conduit itself. These Conduits only have melee damage, but when they can get close enough, these are extremely powerful.

A cloaking Conduit

Cloaking Conduits are possibly one of the most deadly. They are able to cloak themselves, becoming invisible. All Cole can see is a slight shimmer in the air. They use Shotguns, which go through Cole's Polarity Shield, so it is extremely hard to find and kill these if they are trying to kill you. They can also climb, making them one of the most effective Conduits.

Kessler is also a Conduit. He has much the same abilities as Cole, electrokinesis. His abilities are far more powerful though, with upgraded versions of Cole's powers. He can use Shock Grenades, Lightning Bolts, Shockwaves, and others. He is also able to create auras of himself, and teleport.

[edit] Other Conduits

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