Delsin Rowe

Delsin Rowe
Delsin Rowe.png
Gender Male
Status Alive
Powers Power Mimicry
  • Smoke
  • Neon
Relatives Reggie Rowe (brother)
Voice Actor Troy Baker
Game Appearances inFamous: Second Son
Delsin Rowe is the protagonist of inFamous: Second Son and brother of Police Officer Reggie Rowe. Born in Seattle, Delsin is a Conduit with the ability to absorb other Conduit's powers.[1]Height 6'3 191 cm



At the start of the game, Delsin is a 24 year old graffiti artist in Seattle who is disillusionment that is is somehow destined for great things, bigger things. His "occupation" as an artist sets the game up perfectly for his stand off with the DUP. It is in Seattle where he witnessed a bus collision in which he realized his abilities as a Conduit by saving some of the passengers, and his ability to absorb, control and even manifest himself as smoke.[1]

Investigating whether or not he obtained his power of Smoke from a passenger on board the bus, he falls under the surveillance of the Department of Unified Protection (DUP), a government operated agency that was set up after the fallout of the Empire City and New Marais Events and to stop them from occuring again. As such, in order to prevent such a catastrophe from repeating itself, DUP sanction any Conduit as a Bio-terrorist and ruthless hunt them down, capture them and on occasion even kill them. As such, Delsin goes on the run to evade capture and goes in the pursuit of finding others who are like him and to use his abilities to save those he loves and cares for. As in previous inFamous games, the choices that Delsin makes will play a heavy part in the outcome of his story.[1]


Delsin is, by nature, a care-free individual who has an affinity for anti-authortarian street art. As an 'artist' himself he will often tag buildings with his own works. This constantly irritates and embarrasses his older brother, Reggie, who is forced to keep arresting him over and over again and creates a rift between the two.[1]

Powers & Abilities

  • Power Mimicry: Delsin is a mimic, a conduit that can absorb the powers of those around him. He discovered his power whilst rescuing victims of a bus accident. His power lends himself to the possibility of being one of the most powerful conduits to ever exist, as he had store multiple powers at any one time and can absorb more and more.
    • Smoke Manipulation: The power of the first ability that he obtains is based on smoke and ember, similar to Nix. With this ability he has the power to shoot smoke out of his hands, or even manifest himself as smoke and travel quickly around the city via air ducts on the side and on top of buildings. He is also capable of concentrating the ash and smoke into throwable knife-like flame that can explode. Additionally he can use the chain wrapped around his arm as a melee weapon, infusing it with burning ash. A similar technique was demonstrated by Amp with Cole's electricity. Delsin can use a smoke dash ability for heightened motion and produce lateral propulsion for a short while via Smoke Thrusters, Delsin can replenish his power by absorbing smoke from chimneys, cars and even tear gas canisters, rendering them useless. As well as this, Delsin has exhibited an ability of flight similar to the one as seen in the Shadow Swarm from InFamous: Festival of Blood. Delsin has also demonstrated use of the Karma Bomb ability, which seems to be a much more devastating than Cole's Thunder Drop.[1][2]
    • Neon Manipulation: Delsin obtains the power to manipulate Neon through absorbing the ability from fellow conduit Abigail Walker, who claims to have never harmed an innocent person in her life. The feats Delsin can perform with Neon are similar to his smoke dispersal abilities yet instead dissolves and reforms from gaseous energy based semblance. He can discharge Neon lasers from the palms of his hands which explode on contact, this deals significantly more damage than the smoke projectile. He also exhibits the ability which when used dissolves him into the Neon substance (again, akin to his smoke abilities) and enables him to sprint up or around walls and run on air from a starting jump for a short amount of time. Delsin has shown to have some kind of propulsion ability honed by a force field expelled from his legs. He also has a self-detonation ability in which he releases a megaton of neon energy from his body. The effectiveness of this technique is currently unknown. He can replenish his Neon reserves by absorbing light sources from neon signs situated around Seattle.[3][2]
  • Free Running: Delsin is physically abled, demonstrating extreme parkour, or free running, skills being able to scale tall buildings aided somewhat by his abilities in a similar fashion to Cole.[2][1]

Other Conduit Abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: As is the case with other conduits, Delsin has higher physical capabilities than other people. He effortlessly pulled his brother's arm from Abigail with little effort to an extent where it seemed to cause Reggie considerable pain. Even conduits who are unaware of their abilities or have yet to activate theirs demonstrate this trait.[1]
  • Increased Durability: Delsin was able to fall from a considerable height without being effected in the slightest. Naturally, conduits are more durable than normal humans.[1]


Concept Art




  • Due to the technology that was used to create inFamous: Second Son, Troy Baker the voice actor for Delsin, also provided the motion capture for him.
  • After his reveal, many fans speculated if Delsin could be a relative of some kind to Cole. These rumors were later dispelled by Sucker Punch.
  • Delsin appears to look similar to early concept designs for Cole, named Talon.
  • Delsin is the first character to have his age confirmed, aged 24
    • This would have made him aged 17 during the events of inFamous 2.
    • While Cole's age was revealed to be 26 in inFamous 2, it only appeared in the Japanese version game, non-canonizing it.
  • His powers resemble those of Nix and the Beast
  • The name "Delsin" is of Native American origin which translates to "He is so".
    • In an issue of GameInformer, it has been stated that Delsin is of Native American descent.
  • Delsin follows Cole in referencing Sly Cooper, as he has a button on his jacket bearing the Sly Cooper logo
  • In one gameplay footage, when Delsin attempts to use the DUP's hand scanner, the automated voice referred to him as the "Prime Conduit", similar to how members of Vermaak 88 referred to Cole as the "Prime Conduit."


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