Department of Unified Protection

DUP Checkpoint in Seattle.
The Department of Unified Protection (shorted to DUP) is an organizing that appear in inFamous: Second Son. They are an agency created by the government in order to capture and kill Conduits, whom they have re-labelled as bio-terrorists, in the hopes of preventing the events from New Marais and Empire City from repeating themselves.[1].

However on occasion rather than killing the conduits, they have been known to recruit them into their ranks, a high levelled officers demonstrate the ability to move earth and teleport when confronting Delsin Rowe, a conduit with the ability of Power Mimicry.


[edit] Purpose

The organization exists to ensure that the events of Empire City and New Marais never repeat themselves again, they do this by often going to extreme measure and systematically taking down people who demonstrate the abilities of bio-terrorists.

[edit] Ranks

[edit] Knights

The Knights are the officers in the DUP who can manipulate the Earth and teleport as well as demonstrate other abilities associated with conduits like increased strength, shown by Knights jumping impossible heights on to the top of buildings. Via their ability to manipulate earth, this seems to permeate into also manipulating concrete which can be condensed and turned into a variation of an explosive.

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[edit] References

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