Empire City

Empire City in inFamous.

Empire City is the primary setting of the 2009 video game inFamous.

Based on bustling American metropolises like New York City, Empire City is where the Ray Sphere blast occurred. Following this the city went into quarantine, although superhero Cole MacGrath was able to restore the city to some of its former glory.

Empire City also makes a small appearance in the 2011 video game inFamous 2; in the game, the city is destroyed by The Beast in what later becomes known as the "Empire Event".


[edit] History

Empire City is a bustling metropolis, split into three districts: the Neon District, The Warren and the Historic District.[1]

[edit] inFamous

In inFamous, Empire City is quarantined following the Ray Sphere explosion. Following the explosion, three major gangs emerge: the Reapers led by Sasha, the Dust Men led by Alden Tate and the Kessler-led First Sons. In the explosion, bike courier Cole MacGrath earns superpowers, which he uses to defeat the gangs and return Empire City to some of its former glory.[1]

[edit] inFamous 2

In inFamous 2, Cole is preparing to board a ferry to the Southern town of New Marais when The Beast appears. Cole seemingly defeats The Beast, although The Beast later reanimates itself and destroys Empire City in what later becomes known as the "Empire Event".[2]

[edit] Districts

In inFamous, Empire City is split in three major districts. As the game progresses, primary protagonist Cole MacGrath unlocks these areas and is able to explore them.

[edit] Neon District

Main article: Neon District

The Neon District is the centre of Empire City, with the focal of the district being Archer Square. In inFamous, the Neon District is the default starting location, and serves as the home of the Reapers, led by Sasha.

[edit] The Warren

Main article: The Warren

The Warren is the second area explored by Cole during inFamous. The Warren is the most run-down district, containing a shanty town and serving as the base for Alden Tate and the Dust Men. Among the landmarks in The Warren are Bayview Hospital and Eagle Point Penitentiary.

[edit] Historic District

Main article: Historic District

The final area explored by Cole during inFamous, the Historic District is in control of Kessler and the First Sons. The Historic District is where the Ray Sphere blast occurred, with one of its landmarks being Ground Zero.

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