InFamous 2

inFamous 2
European cover of inFamous 2.
Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 3
Release dates NA: June 7, 2011
AUS: June 9, 2011

EU: June 10, 2011
JP: July 7, 2011

Preceded by inFamous

inFamous 2 is the second game in the inFamous series, and the sequel to the 2009 video game inFamous.

The game follows superhero Cole MacGrath as he makes his way to New Marais with his friend Zeke Dunbar and NSA agent Lucy Kuo. In New Marais, Cole competes against Joseph Bertrand III while attempting to hone his powers in order to battle The Beast.

inFamous 2 was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment throughout June and July 2011. The game received a largely positive reception upon its release, and spawned a spin-off video game entitled inFamous 2: Festival of Blood.


[edit] Development

inFamous 2 was developed by Sucker Punch Productions, who developed the previous instalment in the inFamous series, inFamous.

The game was first announced on June 4, 2010, as it was revealed it would be the main focus of the July edition 2010 of Game Informer magazine.[1][2] Following this reveal, the game was showcased at the 2011 E3 conference and 2011 San Diego Comic-Con and featured on Spike's GameTrailers TV.[3][4][5]

inFamous 2 saw various changes from inFamous, with the setting of the game changing to New Orleans-inspired town New Marais and primary protagonist Cole MacGrath receiving a new look, new powers and a new melee system that makes use of Cole's new weapon: the Amp.[3][5] inFamous 2 also introduces a User-Generated Content feature, which allows players to create their own missions by using props and set pieces such as characters and then share them with the inFamous 2 community. This feature had a limited beta phase during April 2011.[6]

[edit] Gameplay

inFamous 2 is a sandbox action-adventure game, with emphasis placed on the shooting and platforming aspects of the genre. The primary protagonist is Cole MacGrath, a male interested in free-running that has gained superpowers through an explosion. Throughout the game, the player earns experience for completing missions and defeating enemies; as the player earns these experience points, they can be spent on purchasing powers that become unlocked as the game progresses. Cole's superpowers are electricity-based and consumable, although the player is able to recharge Cole's powers by draining electricity from nearby objects.

[edit] Plot

Following the events of inFamous, where Kessler told Cole MacGrath that he needed to hone his powers in order to battle The Beast, Cole prepares to take a ferry to New Marais with his friend Zeke Dunbar and NSA agent Lucy Kuo. However, as they prepare to board the ferry The Beast appears and Cole engages it in battle. Cole seemingly defeats The Beast, although it later reanimates itself and destroys Empire City in what is from then on called the "Empire Event".[7]

Upon arriving in New Marais, it is not long before Cole attracts the ire of the local Militia, led by the unofficial governor of the town Joseph Bertrand III. Shortly after arriving the town, Cole meets up with Sebastian Wolfe, the scientist who created the Ray Sphere.[7]

[edit] Ending

If the player opts to take Cole down the good path, Cole and Nix work with Larouche and the Rebels to take down The Beast. During the battle, Nix dies as she attempts to repel The Beast, and Kuo attempts to stop Cole from charging the RFI. However, Cole defeats Kuo, who later redeems herself as she says that Cole has made the right choice. Eventually, Cole charges the RFI completely and weakens The Beast enough to use it. Upon activating the RFI, Cole, Kuo and the remaining Conduits are killed, including the Vermaak and the Corrupted; although all sufferers of the plague are cured and Cole is hailed as a hero, earning the title "The Patron Saint of New Marais".[7]

If the player chooses to take Cole down the evil path and side with Kuo, Cole and The Beast rampage through New Marais, defeating everyone that opposes them. Cole engages Nix in battle, and after defeating her destroys the RFI, before Zeke appears pointing a gun at Cole. Zeke says that he has to try to kill Cole, although Cole easily strikes him down with his powers, before John says he cannot continue to be The Beast and passes the position onto Cole. Cole, now The Beast, travels the world with Kuo, activating Conduits.[7]

[edit] Reception

inFamous 2 was generally well-received by critics. Gaming website gave the game a 9/10 rating, certifying it as "Amazing". The review on IGN called the game "a rock-solid third-person action game with an incredible story, great characters, meaty gameplay", and specifically praised the game for its interconnectedness, commending Sucker Punch Productions for making Blast Shards, Dead Drops and side missions an integral part of gameplay.[8] The review for the game on GameSpot was less positive; although the review said the game was "electrifying fun", it also stated the game was a "disappointing sequel" due to problems such as a "[l]aughable morality system ", unbalanced combat and "[u]neven pacing". Overall, GameSpot awarded the game 7.5/10, classifying it as "good".[9] Metacritic lists inFamous 2 as having an aggregate score of 83/100, which suggests "Generally favorable reviews".[10]

[edit] Awards

inFamous 2 was nominated for an award in the "Best PS3 Game" category at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards (VGA).[11]

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