InFamous 2: Festival of Blood

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood
inFamous 2: Festival of Blood promotional poster
Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 3
Release dates NA: October 25, 2011

EU: October 26, 2011

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood is a video game in the inFamous series. Though a spin-off of inFamous 2, the game is a standalone adventure.

The game follows superhero Cole MacGrath after he is bitten by Bloody Mary during the Pyre Night celebration in New Marais. Battling vampires and gaining his power from biting civilians, Cole has to kill Mary before the night is over, so that he himself doesn't become a vampire.

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and released by Sony Computer Entertainment to the PlayStation Store during October 2011. Following the game's release it received a largely positive reception from reviews, and became the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever launched on the PlayStation Store.


[edit] Development

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood was developed by Sucker Punch Productions, who developed the previous instalments in the inFamous series, inFamous and inFamous 2.

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood was first announced at the 2011 Gamescom conference, which took place on August 16, 2011. With the announcement, a plot summary was given, and the downloadable and standalone nature of the game were also revealed.[1] At the 2011 PAX Prime event in Washington, a new trailer for inFamous 2: Festival of Blood was shown, which revealed the game's primary antagonist: Bloody Mary.[2] Other information revealed about the game prior to its release was its PlayStation Move compatibility,[3] the new Shadow Swarm power, and a new 2D cutscene tool added to the game's User-Generated Content feature.[4]

[edit] Gameplay

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood is a sandbox action-adventure game, with emphasis placed on the shooting and platforming aspects of the genre. The game is similar to its predecessors inFamous and inFamous 2, although the game has a more predefined storyline to be followed by the player. The primary protagonist is Cole MacGrath, a male interested in free-running that has gained electricity-based superpowers through an explosion; when Cole is bitten by a vampire he earns vampiric-based powers, some of which are earned by completing in-game tasks. Similar to how Cole recharges his electrical powers by draining electricity from nearby sources, he must also recharge his vampiric powers by draining the blood of New Marais' citizens.

[edit] Plot

In a bar in New Marais, Zeke Dunbar (Caleb Moody) is drinking alone when a woman (Erin Cummings) enters the bar and orders a drink. When Zeke attempts to flirt with the woman she knocks him back due to the vampire comicbook he is reading, although she becomes interested in Zeke when he begins talking about Cole MacGrath (Eric Ladin). After Zeke says that he and Cole are like brothers the woman sits down beside him, and Zeke begins telling her the story surrounding Pyre Night.[5]

Pyre Night is a night where citizens of New Marais dress up and celebrate various demons. Cole and Zeke are enjoying the festivities on one particular Pyre Night when they hear screams from beneath New Marais' cathedral. Cole explores the catacombs beneath the cathedral and heals a number of citizens, although after healing one of them she turns on him and knocks him unconscious. When Cole awakes a vein on his throat is cut, which drips onto the female corpse below him and wakes the corpse up. The corpse, which is later revealed to be Bloody Mary, bites Cole and gives him vampiric powers.[5]

[edit] Release and reception

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood was made available on the North American PlayStation Store on October 25, 2011 at a price of $9.99, and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members.[4] The game was released to the European PlayStation Store a day later on October 26, at a cost of £7.99 or €9.99.[6] Following the game's release, inFamous 2: Festival of Blood became the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever launched on the PlayStation Store.[7]

Upon its release, inFamous 2: Festival of Blood recieved largely positive reviews from critics. Gaming website IGN gave the game 7.5/10 in its review, saying that while the game is good and "delivers a solid gaming experience worthy of the Infamous universe", it is too short and has little lasting appeal.[8] GameSpot also awarded the game 7.5/10, with the reviewer calling inFamous 2: Festival of Blood an "exciting addition to the Infamous universe"; in particular, the review praises the new Shadow Swarm power (which offers the player the ability to fly) and the plethora of collectables to be found in the game, while criticising the "cheap and unfulfilling" combat mechanic in the game.[9] A review on Eurogamer gave the game 6/10, calling it a "slight but fun" adventure.[10] Metacritic lists inFamous 2: Festival of Blood as having an aggregate score of 77/100, which suggests "Generally favorable reviews".[11]

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