Neon (alternatively Neon Manipulation) is an ability originally used by the conduit Abigail Walker. It was later absorbed by Delsin Rowe.

[edit] Description

The feats Conduits with this ability can perform with Neon are similar to smoke dispersal abilities yet instead dissolves and reforms from gaseous energy based semblance. Users can discharge Neon lasers from the palms of their hands which explode on contact, this deals significantly more damage than the smoke projectile. They also exhibit the ability which when used dissolves them into a Neon substance and enables them to sprint up or around walls and run on air from a starting jump for a short amount of time. Conduits have shown to have some kind of propulsion ability honed by a force field expelled from their legs. They also have a self-detonation ability in which they release a megaton of neon energy from their body. The effectiveness of this technique is currently unknown. They can replenish Neon reserves by absorbing light sources from neon signs.

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