New Marais

New Marais in inFamous 2.

New Marais is the primary setting of the video games inFamous 2 and inFamous 2: Festival of Blood.

Based on the real-life New Orleans in Louisiana, New Marais is a Southern town that was once devastated by floods. After recovering from the flood, Joseph Bertrand III became the de facto leader of the town, along with his Militia. New Marais became a place of hedonistic lifestyles, and the New Marais Police Department was overrun; when superhero Cole MacGrath later arrives in the town, he must decide whether to help New Marais return to its former glory, or accelerate its downfall.


[edit] History

New Marais is one of the major port towns of North America. Due to this, the town has always seen a constant flow of sailors, traders, migrants and tourists.[1] At least four years before the events of inFamous 2, New Marais was hit by a hurricane, with the hurricane and subsequent flood causing much destruction to the town. Although the town was able to recover, New Marais became a place of hedonistic lifestyles, and the New Marais Police Department was overrun.[2]

[edit] inFamous 2

By inFamous 2, New Marais is in the control of Joseph Bertrand III, along with his Militia. When superhero Cole MacGrath arrives in New Marais with his allies Zeke Dunbar and Lucy Kuo, he is able to use his powers to either aid New Marais is recovering, or allow the town and its people to continue suffering.[2]

[edit] inFamous 2: Festival of Blood

In inFamous 2: Festival of Blood, the town of New Marais is shown celebrating its annual "Pyre Night" celebration; a night where citizens of New Marais dress up and celebrate various demons.[3]

[edit] Districts

In inFamous 2, New Marais is split in four major districts. As the game progresses, primary protagonist Cole MacGrath unlocks these areas and is able to explore them.

[edit] Ville Cochon

Main article: Ville Cochon

Ville Cochon is the first district explored by Cole in inFamous 2, serving as the town's French quarter and home to New Marais' middle and upper-classes. The district contains a number of sidewalk cafes and renovated condos, as well as the New Marais clock tower. Ville Cochon is also well-known for its red light district; due to New Marais being one of the largest ports in America, adult entertainment is in high demand in the town. The Smut Triangle serves as the centre of the red light district, along with the Yes We CanCan Cabaret.[1]

[edit] Ascension Parish

Main article: Ascension Parish

Ascension Parish is the oldest part of New Marais. It was once the jewel of the city, but by the events of inFamous 2 has become overrun with drugs, gangs and crime.[1] In inFamous 2, it is the second area that Cole explores, and is home to landmarks such as Fort Philippe and St. Charles Cemetery.

[edit] Flood Town

Main article: Flood Town

Flood Town, also known as Bellevue, is the third area explored by Cole during inFamous 2. The area that was hit worst by the New Marais hurricane and flood, Flood Town is a hotbed of activity for the Vermaak 88.

[edit] Gas Works

Main article: Gas Works

The final area explored by Cole during inFamous 2, the Gas Works is taken over by the Vermaak after they are driven out of Flood Town. Notable locations in the Gas Works include the Ice Tower and the Plague Ward.

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