Power Mimicry

Power Mimicry
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Conduits Delsin Rowe
Appearances inFamous: Second Son
Power Mimicry is new power that appears in inFamous: Second Son and is a power demonstrated by protagonist Delsin Rowe.


[edit] Ability

Power Mimicry is an ability available to Conduits that allows them to possess the power of another and use it as their own. Users of this power are able to store multiple abilities simultaneously but can only use them independent of one another. In order to switch between each power contained by the conduit, they must first absorb the power of their corresponding element, for example in order to use the Smoke ability Delsin absorbs, he must first absorb its power source, smoke. It is currently unknown how many powers a conduit with this ability can store, if indeed there is a limit at all.

Conduits can take the powers from another by making physical contact with the conduit in which they aim to take their. The copying of another Conduits power doesn't appear to have any effect on the original user, as Abigail was still able to use her Neon abilities after Delsin had copied them from her.[1]

[edit] Known Users

[edit] Powers Absorbed

[edit] References

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