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The Reapers are a gang of thugs operating in the Neon District, in inFamous 1.

The Reapers are the first gang you encounter, located in the Neon District. As they are the first to be encountered, it follows that they are the weakest. Cole says that they were merely drug dealers before the blast, but they took over the Neon District through violent means afterwards. Their leader is Sasha, a powerful Conduit and creator of the black tar found in instances related to the Reapers.

[edit] Appearance and Ranks

Reapers are usually wearing distinctive red hoodies, with skulls adorning the hood. Some wear thicker padded clothes, depending on what type they are, but the red hoodie is what distinguishes them as Reapers. Several types of Reaper, like the Conduit and the Bomber, wear yellow or grey hoodies, but most are red. Reapers can be seen to vomit the black tar-like substance randomly, and make guttural sounds instead of speaking.

The standard Reaper is usually armed with a rifle similar to the AK47 in looks, and are the most common and therefore the weakest enemy in the Neon District. Most carry grenades of some sort, and there are a few variations on the weapons carried. For example, standard Reapers can carry a Riot Shield, or Grenade Launchers.

The Heavy Weapons Reaper is much more durable. Carrying a weapon such as an RPG or a Minigun, these Reapers can withstand nearly two times the damage than a standard Reaper. These are the Reapers who wear thick, padded jackets, and can carry pouches containing RPGs.

Mad Bombers are much like their counterparts in the other factions. With no ranged weapon, these enemies will sprint towards Cole and attempt to blow him up with explosives strapped on their bodies. They usually wear grey hoodies, with explosives strapped around their padded jackets. If a Mad Bomber cannot see Cole, for example if he is on a rail above, the Bomber will stand still for a few seconds, then chuckle and detonate the bombs anyway. The bombers can be distinguished by their insane screaming as they run, and, when they get close enough, they strike flares and run at Cole.

Conduits are the elite of the Reapers. These Conduits are visibly taller than the average human, and usually wear long white/yellow hooded coats. They attack by two means: Firstly, they have Assualt Rifles to shoot, and secondly, they possess the ability to charge and release directional shockwaves, which can knock Cole to the ground.

[edit] Context within the Story

Reapers are the very first enemy you come across, and are available throughout the game. They are associated with the tar, that causes the plague which causes the whole of Empire City to be quarantined. This links them in with Kessler, and the First Sons, as Kessler is revealed to have organised the Blast, and the quarantine, in the final cutscene. The Reapers are mainly present to just create one character of importance, Sasha. She is then able to orchestrate some of Cole's evil Side Missions, and plays importance in the story of the First Sons, and the story of the series as a whole. The Reapers have a main base in one of the tunnels between the Neon District and the Warren. This is full of water and Black Tar, and it is used to convert kidnapped civilians into Reapers, through force feeding them Black Tar. This is also where Sasha is found.

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