Reggie Rowe

Reggie Rowes
Reggie Rowes.png
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Delsin Rowe (brother)
Voice Actor Travis Willingham
Appearances inFamous: Second Son
Reggie Rowes is a character that appears in inFamous: Second Son as the older brother of Delsin Rowe, the game's protagonist. Is is an employee of the Seattle Police Department. (Warning Contains Spoilers)


[edit] Background

Reggie is a Police Officer with Seattle Police Department, his profession often leaves him dealing with his brother Delsin and tries to prevent him from wandering astray from the law following the death of both their parents. Reggie tries to be Delsin's moral compass and often bails him after his mild offenses such as tagging buildings with art. He seems to be a little untoward Delsin's new found abilities but ultimately tries to accept them because they are still brothers.

After Delsin's encounter with Abigail Walker, Reggie finds the two unconscious having falling through the roof of a building. Reggie helps Delsin to his feet and goes to arrest Abigail. However, Delsin Either effortless pulls Reggie away from her and says "when it comes to Conduits, it's [his] call."-Bad Karma. Or tell Reggie "It's [his] responsibility and he'll change her for the good." -Good Karma

[edit] Hank's Betrayal and Death

Reggie, knowing Hank was not to be trusted, goes with Delsin to Concrete Island to help fight Augustine. As soon as he gets the concrete cuffs off his brother, Augustine proceeded to drop the Concrete Ball which had Abigail and Eugene near Delsin and his brother.

As Reggie holds on to Delsin, who is stopping both of them from falling, he tells his brother to let him go, as the concrete slowly encases his body. With his last words, he tells Delsin "Dammit I'm so proud of you. Always have been. I love you bro". He then lets go of Delsin and falls into the icy water below, where he drowns.

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[edit] Trivia

  • Due to the technology involved in making inFamous: Second Son the voice actor for Reggie, Travis Willingham, also provided the motion capture.
  • Reggie's possible root name, "Reginald", means "wise counselor/ruler" in German. It can also translate into "advice", "strong judgment" and "decision". This suits his personality exactly, as he's a law enforcement officer and often acts as Delsin's moral compass.
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