Smoke (alternatively Smoke Manipulation) is an ability absorbed by Delsin Rowe in inFamous: Second Son. Its original user is currently unknown.

[edit] Description

The power of this ability is based on smoke and ember, similar to Nix. With this ability users have the ability to shoot smoke out of their hands, or even manifest themselves as smoke and travel quickly between places via air ducts on the side and on top of buildings. They are also capable of concentrating the ash and smoke into throwable knife-like flames that can explode. Additionally users can use the external weapons such as chains as melee weapons, infusing them with burning ash. A similar technique was demonstrated by Amp with Cole's electricity. Conduits with this ability can use a smoke dash ability for heightened motion and produce lateral propulsion for a short period of time via Smoke Thrusters which can be replenished by absorbing smoke from chimneys, cars and even tear gas canisters, rendering them useless. As well as this, they have a flight ability similar to the one as seen in the Shadow Swarm from InFamous: Festival of Blood. Conduits have also demonstrated use of the Karma Bomb ability, which seems to be a much more devastating than Cole's Thunder Drop.

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