Zeke Dunbar

Zeke Dunbar
Zeke Dunbar in inFamous 2.
Gender Male
Status Alive (good karma)
Deceased (evil karma)
Appearances inFamous
inFamous 2
inFamous 2: Festival of Blood
Voice actor Caleb Moody

Zeke Dunbar, voiced by Caleb Moody, is the secondary protagonist in the inFamous series.

In the series, Zeke aids his friend Cole MacGrath after he gains superpowers. Although Zeke betrays Cole in inFamous, he later reconciles with Cole and heads to New Marais with him during the events of inFamous 2.

Zeke also appears in the 2011 spin-off inFamous 2: Festival of Blood.


[edit] Biography

Zeke Jedediah Dunbar is the best friend of Cole MacGrath. Four years prior to the Ray Sphere explosion in Empire City, Zeke accompanied Cole to the Southern town of New Marais, where they practised free-running in the flood-devastated town. Zeke is adept at building and fixing technology; this comes as a result of the shop class Zeke enrolled at while Cole was at college-preparatory school prior to the events of the inFamous series.[1]

[edit] inFamous

[edit] inFamous 2

[edit] inFamous 2: Festival of Blood

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Zeke Dunbar is a major character in the inFamous series, first appearing in the 2009 video game inFamous and then going on to appear in all inFamous media. Zeke is voiced by Caleb Moody, an American actor perhaps best known for his roles in the television series True Blood and Mad Men.[2] The developers of the inFamous series, Sucker Punch Productions, have a good working relationship with fellow developer Naughty Dog, and as a result of this Zeke was made available as a Hero skin in the multiplayer component of the Naughty Dog-developed video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when purchased as part of the PlayStation Heroes Downloadable Skin Pack[3]

[edit] Reception

Zeke has received a mixed reception from critics. In a review of inFamous 2, gaming website GameSpot said that Zeke is a "comedic best friend", although "his banal dialogue fails to make a lasting impression".[4]

[edit] References

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